Cobbs Block Statue Display


Medium- Solid White Marble

Sculptor unknown (Da Nang, Vietnam) – this piece was explained. What a job to get into the container for shipping. Almost had a mutiny occur with the translator but good old teamwork prevailed and hence Miss Mermermaid is here for all of us to enjoy.

``Laughing Buddha``

Medium- Solid White Marble

Sculptor Unknown (Da Nang, Vietnam) – I bought a number of sculptures during my travels in Vietnam and “Laughing Buddha” was a no brainer- Who doesn’t;t like a big fat guy laughing? Weighing in at 5 tons, he offers wealth and happiness to all who believe.

``I am a Liar``

Medium- Solid White Marble

Dr. Kim Bong Soo (Korea) – Kim has a series of sculptures around the world that are based on the same theme- he believes that the pursuit to power, wealth and status has made us liars as it creates internal conflict and eats away at one’s soul, never allowing one’s conscience to rest. Not knowing what is true of false makes one lie to appease their goals. Like Pinocchio, one is pulled this way and that by ambition, but not to recognize how this will affect one’s morals, thus I am a liar. One of the most impressive installations of the series is in a little known art mecca called Hasla Art World (Korea). Well worth the trip if one was ever in Korea.

``Little Boy in Bath``

Medium- Basalt

Sculptor Trang (Central Vietnam) – I commissioned this piece along with a number of others that would give me an opportunity to participate in the art of having fun. Dubbed “Bath Tub Art” this little guy is not very happy to be taking a bath. Hence the crying face and outstretched arms waiting to catapult him from the tub prison he is immersed in.


Medium- Solid Yellow Marble

Li Chao (China) – As 2011 was the year of the Rabbit, it seemed only fitting that Li would create a piece to represent the significance of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. The sculpture is dedicated to his son as this was also the year of his birth. Li has many forms of art displayed through China and other countries in the world. We are very fortunate to have this rendition of a stylized rabbit to commemorate 2011 in Canada.

``Shot Me Down``

Medium- Solid White Marble

Artist Alessio Ranaldi (Italy) – This piece was truly inspirational in its message. When I first saw the rendering, I was immediately taken with the simplistic forms Alessio was conceptualizing. As the transformation took place, it became clear how important the message he was about to deliver would be. We often forget the destruction nature, we as humans place on our planet. This sculpture reminds us of that. The crushing weight put onto the earth by our inconsideration. To amplify the significance of what Alessio created, one only needs to touch the piece. Feel the can as it crumbles under the load. Understand the balance required to hold together the imbalances we create every day. Remember the Earth. Do your part.